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What To Expect When Getting A Massage

April 21, 2021

When it comes to getting a massage, most women will jump at the chance.  For men, however, it may take a little more convincing.  When you hear the word massage, you will have lots of different visions come into your mind.  However, the reality is, that massage therapist in 44116 are professionals and will give you exactly what you need done.

Quiet environment

The first thing is that you will be put into a private room that is a quiet and relaxing environment.  You will lay down on a table where a therapist will work on your back in order to release stress and encourage blood flow.

Breaks up toxins and tissue

The main reason that people get a massage is to help with healing.  A massage will help to stimulate blood flow through your body.  This blood flow will help remove toxins from your body as well as break up tissues that could be left over from an injury.

Muscle stimulation

The next reason is you will have your muscles stimulated.  Tension and stress is built up in our bodies on a daily basis.  If not treated with a massage, it could build up causing us to get sick.  When we get a massage, our bodies are breaking up these tissues that will be expelled from our bodies.

massage therapist in 44116

When the massage begins

When the massage begins you will be rubbed down with massage oil.  This oil is needed to loosen the skin and warm up the body.  From there the therapist ill start massaging your muscles.  They typically start at your neck and work their way down your back to your feet. 

When the massage is done you will be encouraged to relax for a few minutes so the toxins can be released to the surface of the skin.  From there, you will take a shower which will flush the toxins from your pours.