substance abuse treatment in conway, sc

Yes; You’ve Got A Serious Substance Abuse Problem

February 19, 2021

That’s all it takes. All it takes is just one prick. That’s what they used to say back in the day when HIV/Aids was at an all-time high. But now things seem to have been brought under control, now that HIV/Aids-affected men and women have access to the AZT treatment that allows them to live normal, healthy lives, more or less. More or less because they still need to practice safe sex. And of course, women can no longer, or should no longer risk having children.

Better to be safe than sorry, wouldn’t you think? So then, things seem to have been brought under control. Or have they? Because just look around you and see what is going on. Or are you also one of the guilty ones. There are those who will insist that they do not have a drinking problem. Because after all, they’re only having one or two every other day. One or two? Every other day? And in a public place too?

Yikes! Your barbecue space where you’ve just invited a bunch of your pals over for a good time counts as public space too, by the way. For guys like you there is substance abuse treatment in conway, sc. Get help quick before you do any arm. And before you’re like actually no longer around to do any damage control. Hang on, there’s not time for that either. COVID and its related viruses know no exceptions. There are no exceptions to the rule.

substance abuse treatment in conway, sc

You may insist that you are only a casual drinker every other weekend. But not in times like these. For goodness’s sake, do you realise that all it takes is just a few sips for your judgment and common sense to be impaired?